Squash Regulation

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The Squash championships shall be organised in accordance with the relevant World Squash Federation (WSF) championship regulations, unless otherwise stated.

All participating players and coaches will require a SPIN as a condition of entry.

The programme and duration of competitions will be determined by the FISU Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI.

Each country may enter a maximum of thirteen (13) persons, comprising a maximum of 8 competitors and a maximum of 5 officials.


The maximum duration of the Championships (individual and team) shall be seven (7) days, and include:

i. Individual Championships (men & women)

These championships shall comprise separate men’s and women’s singles championships, and permit a maximum of 3 male and 2 female entries per nation.

The duration of the event may vary, but usually last 3-4 days.

The Championship will be played to a knock-out format, and where possible a monrad format will be adopted. There will be no bronze medal play-offs.

ii. Team Championship (mixed teams)

This Championship shall comprise a mixed team, and permit a maximum of 3 male and 2 female entries per nation (the squad). Each tie shall comprise 2 male and 1 female player selected from the squad.

The duration of the team championship shall usually be 3 days.

The event will be played to monrad format. There will be no bronze medal play-offs.

Squad submission and team nomination shall follow WSF Regulations unless otherwise specified

NB. Nations may enter up to 8 players in total, so may choose to nominate different players for individual and team events, or they may nominate the same 3 male and 2 female players to compete in both individual & team events.

iii. Tournament Software

The event is required to use the “Tournament Planner Software”. It is the World Squash Federation approved tournament software.

iv. Tin Heights

All men’s matches (individual & teams championships) will be played with 17” tin. Women’s tin height will also be played at 17” if PSA general rules change by the closing date of this event.


Three (3) months before the Championship, the Organising Committee has the right to collect 25% of the total cost of stay per athlete and official from participating countries.

Seeding and draw arrangements for the Individual Championships shall follow WSF World Championship Regulations. Nations will be asked to provide relevant information on each player’s recent form at time of entry to assist the Seeding Committee.

The seeding and draw for the Team Championship shall take place the day before the start of the event. The seeding will be informed by the seeding for and results of the Individual Championships.


The host shall provide 18 referees to cover individual and team Championships, comprising the following qualifications:

– At least 2 WSF (world) referees, to be appointed by the WSF. At least one from a nation other than the host nation;

– At least 2 regional referees, to be appointed in conjunction with the WSF &/or WSF region. At least one from a nation other than the host nation;

– Up to 12 additional referees should be at least current national grade (this number to be agreed by the TD according to numbers of participants).

All costs for the 2 world/regional referees from outside the host nation shall be shared by the participating delegations.

All costs for referees from the host nation shall be borne by the Organising Committee. If the host nation does not have sufficient referees of at least National grade, they must import them at the cost of the OC.

A participating nation may request to bring a referee as part of its delegation of officials (at its own cost), but the request will be subject to approval by the TD & OC, must be made at least 4 months prior to the event, and accompanied by certification of the referee’s current level of qualification (at least National).

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